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Upcoming and Past Shows

DECEMBER 17, 2021

A night of violence, buzzsaw guitars, blast beats, atmospheres and doom.


G L A S S B L O W E R -
Glassblower are uncompromisingly vicious and passionate. Blending grindcore tempos with math time signatures and buzzsaw guitar tones. They've shown an unwillingness to back down from their message with lyrical themes around equality, unionization and getting to understand the feeling of an overwhelming existential dread.

Violence, empowerment and solidarity. Waste imperialist borders and unionize the hardcore scene. ❤

M A R R O W S P A W N -
When Marrowspawn first burst on the scene, they quickly turned heads and had people talking about them being the future of New Zealand grindcore, now Marrowspawn have become the band you absolutely cannot miss.
Emotional, tormented and fucking aggressive. Marrowspawn are as good as New Zealand grindcore has to offer

B L E E D T H I S E A R T H -
Bleed this Earth are as doom as it gets. Crushingly slow tempos, walls of sound and brutal atmospheres. Bleed this Earth are an unmissable experience that has yet to be replicated in New Zealand

Featuring members of Murgatroyd and Opium Eater, Sightound comes from a pedigree of noise makers. Blending trip hop, lush atmospheres and harsh noise, Sighthound are brand new on the scene and promise a truly unique experience from two proficient maniacs.



OCTOBER 22, 2021

New Zealand's biggest metal festival returns this Labour Weekend to Valhalla, Wellington. Featuring 21 of New Zealand's biggest, boldest, fastest, hardest, darkest, and most extreme metal acts, this year's Symbiotic stands to be the best yet.

Friday the 22nd of October - Black, Doom, Death
$20 entry, doors at 7pm


  • Plague of the Falllen (Chch)

  • Swamp Dweller (Dunedin)

  • Ayamvoid (Dunedin)

  • Abyss Crawler (Chch)

  • Altar of Achlys

  • Vulthoom

  • Bleed This Earth

  • Vile Disembowelment (Dunedin)

  • Despise The Offended

Saturday the 23rd of October (afternoon show) - Hardcore, Grind
$10 entry, doors at 4pm

  • Severed Beliefs

  • Stepped Out (Chch)

  • Utterance (Chch)

  • Marrowspawn

  • ColdxWar

Saturday the 23rd of October (night show) - Slam, Core, Tech, Heavy
$20 entry, doors at 8pm

  • Organectomy (Chch)

  • Depths (Palmy)

  • Unyielding Desolation (Chch)

  • Parasitic Infestation (Auck)

  • Divisionary (Hamilton)

  • Treachery (Chch)

  • Utilize the Remains (Dunedin)


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Planet of the Dead bring the heavy ahead of the release of their new album, 'Pilgrims'.

Show will open with sublime funeral doom from Bleed This Earth, and a DJ set of heavy tunes will wrap up the night.

Tickets $10 - available from Under the Radar from Monday 1st Feb.

8pm - doors open
9pm - Bleed This Earth
10pm - Planet of the Dead


22 AUGUST 2020

A fundraiser show to help the Guilliane Barre Support Group - who help many kiwis understand the intricacies of living with a rare and debilitating illness, and navigate life after the fact.
This illness strikes roughly 1 in 100,000 people every year with varying degrees of severity, with full paralysis and death being possible. While most recover to full mobility in time, some are left with
To help out the lovely people that provide countless hours of help and support to many people suffering this horrific illness, and to mark 10 years since I myself was patient with this, I have decided to help out the only way I know how. Heavy music and a bit of a party!
Starving Millions
Thousand Knives
Bleed This Earth
Doors at 8, First band 8 30.
10 Bucks on the door, all proceeds going to the Guilliane Barre Support group.
There will also be a donations jar, for anyone that is feeling generous to this fantastic cause.


25 JULY 2020

A smoggy night of heavy grinding doom with

Insidious Retch

Slave Cadaver


Planet of the Dead

Bleed This Earth

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